Welcome to Anissa Gardizy Media! 

I am majoring in Journalism at Emerson College located in Boston, MA. During my high school career I was the Editor in Chief of the Knight Crier Newspaper and a Career Study student for North Penn Television. I have experience in writing, photography, videography, editing, anchoring, and announcing. 

Right now, I am doing a lot of freelance work, and I am using this website to showcase my professional portfolio. Be sure to check out my blog and photo gallery! 

Email: anissagardizy8@hotmail.com 

Instagram: @anissagardizy.photography



As a journalism major at Emerson College, I think it is really important that I keep an updated blog on this site. This blog will be a mix of professional and personal posts about creating content and studying at school. Feel free to contact me requesting certain blog topics you want me to write about!


I got interested in photojournalism when I realized that my articles would need a visual to go along with them. I view photography as a medium between words and video that has the power to tell and show a story.


I got most of my experience with video shooting and editing from working with North Penn Television as a Career Study student. Right now I'm working on producing Youtube videos, social media commercials, and an hour long documentary.